• Playing hockey as a 50+ year old

    Letting yourself experience sports as an older player, simply means getting out and doing it.
  • Starting the path forward.

    The first step is usually the most challenging, but, every journey starts with that first step.
  • Hopefully providing encouragement and motivation.

    Starting the forward journey towards a healthier lifestyle doesn't involve investing thousands of dollars. Your have everything your need.

Welcome to the Aged AK Goalie

Sharing the excitement of a lifestyle change that can help friends and family get in better physical & mental health while enjoying themselves.

"Never too Old...

Several years ago (about my early forties) I learned how to ice skate after moving to Anchorage, Alaska. I learned to skate after being convinced to coach a U10 Squirt "D" level team for the local Boys & Girls Club. As I became better and better at stopping, I was further convinced to skate in the local adult "beer" league. Soon thereafter (two seasons later), someone convinced me to try being a goalie and loaned me the equipment. Within another two or three seasons, I found myself studying for and passing the referee's exam, and reffing the local adult league. This, of course, led to me refereeing youth hockey which culminated in a U16 girls game in the spring of 2009, where I took a slapshot to the lower back, ending my skating career.

I took about a decade off the ice as the rest of my life kind of took over my direction. In the fall of 2017, I returned to the ice. This time I am only playing the position of goaltender exclusively. Now, at the age of 50+, I examine the uniqueness of the position of netminder and provide an understanding of how ice hockey (and goaltending) can be a healthy, and fun, option for physical exercise.

Just as importantly, I use my connections within the hockey community, and my age (perceived as being wise), to assist in establishing legitimate mental health practices and coping mechanisms. Taking time before, and after, every game to lend an ear to players, and parents alike.

... and be sure to follow our teammates at The Goalie Guild, with their "Lift the Mask" program addressing the positive mental health needed to play the position of the goaltender, as well as generally being successful in life. Click the link below.

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